Green Tea and Weight Loss

In this post I will be covering the consumption of Green Tea for its possible weight loss properties. Over the past few years, the media has been revering Green Tea as if it were the cure to cancer. Which, it has shown to be an aid towards the battle towards cancer, but like everything else in the commercial world, they surround it with so much hype and misguiding information. I hope to break down those over hyped under informed facts in this post and hopefully bring to light how exactly Green Tea can help with weight loss, both its strengths and its limitations. The few points I’ll be covering are:


  • Health Benefits of Green Tea
  • What Makes Green Tea Great
  • Green Tea For Weight Loss
  • Best Method Of Consuming Green Tea For Weight Loss
  • What To Expect When Consuming Green Tea For Weight Loss
  • Recommended Green Tea Product

Please keep in mind that, though I have consumed Green Tea regularly over the past 6 months or so, Most of the information here are based off studies and not from experience. I will however state, later on in the post my personal experience with consuming Green Tea.


Health Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea is by and large known as the healthiest drink that you can consume. Native to India and China, it has been consumed for centuries with the claims which now have been found true due to vast amounts of scientific trials, that Green Tea does in fact have massive health benefits.

When brewed without the addition of sugar, Green Tea is a 0 calorie drink which contains caffeine to a varying amount dependent on the variation of Green Tea you are consuming, and also the time spent brewing. As such it is highly suggested that you should only drink unsweetened Green Tea which should have more emphasis instated as most commercially available version of Green Tea contains high amounts of white sugar, or in some cases, high-fructose corn syrup, which is clearly makes it worse. If you so choose to consume Green Tea with added sugars, please keep in mind that it should be consumed in a moderated amount as over consuming sweetened Green Tea with undoubtedly lead to the downsides of sugar outweighing the possible benefits of consuming Green Tea. The same should be said about fruit juices sold commercially. Especially considering the fact that fruit, independently contain relatively high amounts of sugar as is, and the commercial version of juice tend to not only add more sugar, but also things like preservatives.


Animal studies conducted in laboratories have shown a visible decrease in tumor growth while also showing signs of protection against the damage that occurs when being treated with ultraviolet AVB radiation.

Studies done on countries which have are known to drink Green Tea as part of culture so much so, as a way of life, namely China, Japan and India, the percentage of its citizens who are afflicted by Cancer seem to hold a slightly lower number. However as this is a study based on huge numbers, and billions of situational variations, it cannot be taken as fact. It is but a study.

A clinical study conducted on a massive scale, compared individuals who regularly consumed Green Tea to individuals who did not, showed signs that those who consumed Green Tea regularly significantly decreased the chances of developing Pancreatic Cancer. Even more so for women, who showed that they were about 50% less likely to develop the disease. In a separate study, Green Tea also proved to positively impact cancer variations to the likes of ovarian, colorectal, Prostate, Breast, Stomach, Lung, Skin, Bladder and Esophageal cancer. Researchers believe that these health benefits of consuming Green Tea directly correlates to the presence of EGCG, that theoretically helps battle the growth of cancer cells in humans. The mechanics of this phenomenon however, has yet to be determined.

Heart Disease

The journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2006, which concluded that the consumption of Green Tea directly correlated to a reduction of the mortality rate in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. The study conducted traced 40,000 individuals residing in Japan, ages 40-79 for 11 whole years (The study began in 1994). The study concluded that the mortality rate of individuals who were part of the study who consumed at least 5 cups of Green Tea daily was significantly reduced.

A separate study concluded that the consumption of 10 cups of Green Tea daily lowered the total cholesterol levels in individuals. However, it is paramount to disclaim that the consumption of 10 cups of Green Tea daily may lead to side-effects of caffeine. As such, individuals should proceed with caution.


What Makes Green Tea Great?

The answer to this is extremely straight forward. EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). Without the presence of EGCG, Green Tea would simply be caffeine and water. EGCG one of the most studied compound in the world. Whenever there is a study that claims to be studying Green Tea, most probably, the study is really covering only EGCG as clearly we know what both water and caffeine can do for us quiet clearly already. Now this is very important to know. A lot of people out there don’t actually know that what they are really looking for is EGCG as opposed to Green Tea. I will go into further detail why this is so important later on in this post.


Green Tea For Weight Loss

Now, once again, be reminded that any effects that you may benefit from the consumption of Green Tea is either because of EGCG or caffeine. There are also weight loss benefits when consuming caffeine. However I will leave that for another post altogether. The focus here is EGCG. So how does EGCG aid with weight loss?


Boosts Your Metabolism

It common knowledge that the higher the rate of your body’s metabolism, the easier it is to not only lose,  but also keep the weight off. Metabolism, to me, is a huge factor of which I actively try to get more of. Here’s an example of why metabolism is so important for weight loss. Let’s say a couple decided that they wanted to lose weight. And since they are a couple, they would eat and exercise the exact same amount. However, if one of them had a higher metabolism rate than the other, that person could expect to lose more weight for doing the same amount. It’s as simple as that. That’s nature bonus multiplier if you will. Overall, metabolism is something that you should definitely put more time or effort into increasing.


Store Less Fat

Studies have shown that the consumption of regular amounts of EGCG reduced the amount of fat your body stores. What this essential means is that for everything that you consume, your body stores less of it as fat.  Let’s run it through the same scenario as before, you have 2 individuals, who eat and exercise the same amount. The only difference being that one of them consumes EGCG regularly. He/She can expect to either gain less fat, or burn more fat over a period of time as opposed to the individual who did not consume EGCG.


That’s it. That’s all EGCG can do for you in terms of weight loss. However, you have to understand that this huge if you are looking to lose weight. Why? Simple, EGCG is the one very few proven methods of burning more fat without either burning more calories or consuming less calories. You would not have to alter your lifestyle very much at all to benefit from EGCG. It allows you to lose additional weight without being any more catabolic than your body already is when you’re on a diet which restricts your calories.

Best Method Of Consuming Green Tea For Weight Loss

Before I go into what I deem to be the best way to consume Green Tea for weight loss, I’d like to explain why I feel consuming Green Tea as a beverage is not really a good idea.

It is recommended that you consume about 5 cups of Green Tea daily for you to benefit from the weight loss properties which Green Tea promotes. Here’s why I don’t like doing that:

Inconvenient and Time Consuming

Just the mere thought of having to boil water 5 times a day is hassle enough for me to not do it as is. Let’s not forget individuals who are constantly on the move. But more than that, just the sheer amount of effort required to do so will mean that most people won’t do it long enough for it to matter. It would just start to become too much work.



Given, the amount of Caffeine present in Green Tea is irrelevant compared to coffee. However, if you consider the fact that you are going to consume 5 cups of Green Tea a day, it adds up. What this means is that for you to consistently consume 5 cups of Green Tea daily, adding on another cup of coffee on top of that isn’t the best idea. Caffeine addiction is a real thing. Also, you would essentially have to consume majority of your 5 cups of Green Tea in the morning to early afternoon to avoid sleeplessness (at least I need to).


In summary, you would have to boil water 5 times a day, not be able to consume any other caffeinated products and be on a schedule to consume all 5 cups of Green Tea as early into the day as possible. Sounds like way too much work to me. I would probably give up a week in.


The Solution: Green Tea Extract

In case you don’t already know, Green Tea Extract is the extract of Green Tea (duh) in pill form. It is essentially Green Tea, minus caffeine and water. Consuming Green Tea Extract, in my opinion, is better because:



Clearly, popping pills is way more convenient. There really isn’t very much of a point for me to make here. The recommended dosage, according to the brand I purchase, is 3 pills a day. Which I need not tell you, is not a very difficult task to fulfil. If you have read my other post: Effectiveness versus Sustainability, you’d know that it is of utmost importance that whatever you do, make sure it is sustainable. As such, I have found that Green Tea Extract is way easier to sustain over a long period of time as opposed to first boiling, then consuming 5 cups of Green Tea every day.

Maximum Dosage

Here’s a hypothetical situation. You start consuming 5 cups of Green Tea consistently. Then you tried 8 cups daily and found that you see better results with 8 cups as opposed to consuming 5 cups of Green Tea per day. So you start consuming 8 cups of Green Tea a day. More likely than not, though you are enjoying the benefits of an even higher amount of EGCG in your system, you might experience the negative effects of consuming way too much caffeine every day such as dehydration, headaches, jittering, caffeine addiction and many more possible side effects from over consumption of caffeine. As such, the consumption of Green Tea for weight loss isn’t very scalable because of caffeine. However, with the consumption of Green Tea Extract instead, you are rid of caffeine and have the ability to supplement your system with way more EGCG than Green Tea can.


The price of Green Tea, before taking the water and electricity required to boil that water into account, is already more costly to consume regularly than Green Tea Extract.


Recommended Green Tea Extract

The differences between the quality of Green Tea Extract from brand to brand isn’t really a huge difference. There isn’t really very much that can be added unless you’re looking for a Fat Burner Matrix with the presence of Green Tea Extract. However, what I personally consume is just plain old Green Tea Extract. The brand I use is:’s Green Tea Extract

Personally, the Foundation Series is my go to for supplements. The price is always a notch lower than most big name brands in the market, and their quality is always top notch. Overall, I simply chose’s Green Tea Extract because I trust the brand. That’s really it. So if you’re wondering if there is something special as to why I chose’s Green Tea Extract above all other brands, the answer is nothing much really.


I hope you have enjoyed or at least gained something as much as I have enjoyed writing it, and I would just like to thank you, the readers for allowing me to enjoy what I do and to provide quality content. Please feel free to ask any questions. Peace ^-^v !

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